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Bee Travels – Test-driven development (TDD) in the modern world

About this webcast

(Originally streamed on Wednesday April 29th)

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Bee Travels is a really exciting and thought provoking cloud container-based software, devops exploration, and demo. We explain what it is, why we built it, and how it has emerged as a grassroots open source project that developers can fork, remix, and learn from.

The Bee Travels project was started by IBM Software Engineer, Max Shapiro. Grant Steinfeld will have the pleasure of interviewing him in the first half of the webcast.

For the second half of the webcast, Grant talks about test-driven development and how it was crucial to writing the code in this polyglot system where we promote and use test driven development (TDD) to build the out the Node.js and Python microservices of the Bee Travels Currency Exchange service. He will demonstrate a couple of use cases on how TDD, in particular Red-Green-Refactoring which allows developers to become more Agile, producing “Clean code that works” – software that is modular, easier to maintain and more accurate.

Speakers Bio

Grant is a Developer Advocate specializing in Blockchain at IBM. An accomplished and innovative senior Software Architect and Engineer, he is known for his ability to deliver client-focused solutions across Fortune 100 enterprises and startups ventures. A problem solver and team mentor, he interfaces with senior management and product teams to translate business requirements and challenges into project plans and real solutions.

Max is a software engineer whose strengths lie in cloud based development and in authoring code patterns. He is originally from California and now resides in the New York City greater area. He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a BS in Computer Science. Max began his career in Watson Health where he worked to improve the Watson Platform for Health. He currently develops code patterns for problems that developers face; this includes case study applications and projects on IBM’s cloud platform and the services it offers.

About this series

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