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Mount a remote S3 object storage as a local filesystem using S3FS-FUSE

About this webcast

You can easily use cloud object storage as if it is any other directory on your local machine. You can do this by mounting the remote object storage as a local filesystem using the S3FS utility. S3FS is an Amazon S3 (Services Simple Storage) utility for managing a FUSE-based filesystem. FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a utility that lets non-root users create a file system in their own user space. This webcast shows you how to quickly set it up.

This tutorial uses an IBM Cloud Object Storage instance. Register for an IBM Cloud account to get started.

About the speaker

Remko de Knikker is a cloud-native developer advocate and software engineer with a focus is on cloud-native, containers, Kubernetes, security and DevOps technologies. He is a Dutch NYer, dad, humanist, musician, literatus, and runner – serpent in the shepherd’s mouth with an empathy for paradox.

About this series

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