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DevOps for Hackathons: After the Hack

About this webcast

  • Original Air Date: 22 January 2020

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So you used Matt Langbehn’s talk about how to win hackathons with DevOps to improve your efficiency during the hack. Now what? After the hackathon, there are a few critical steps to knock out right away ensure you stay ahead. In the replay of this follow up webcast, Matt discusses the importance of comprehensive testing, some useful integrations to add to our toolchain, and show a hands-on way to build on where we left off last time.

Speaker bio

Developer advocate Matt Langbehn has been working with Linux systems and servers for a decade and specializes in SysOps, DevOps, CICD, virtualization, containerization, and serverless infrastructure. He has contributed to projects related to OpenStack, the Linux Foundation’s CNCF, and the Apache Foundation. When he is not hacking on FLOSS, he can usually be found running and climbing in the mountains, or training at home in Austin, TX.

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