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Deploy Vault to OpenShift and access protected secrets

About this webcast

HashiCorp Vault is a popular key management service (KMS) to manage and protect your sensitive data, such as tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys.

In this webcast, you deploy a Vault instance to Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud by using a Helm chart and enable authentication via Kubernetes. You deploy a Guestbook application and configure it to access encrypted secrets from the internal Vault server instance by using the Vault Agent Injector.

The Vault Agent Injector injects two sidecar containers: an init container that prepopulates a shared memory volume with the requested secrets and a sidecar container to authenticate and render secrets to the same location as the pod runs. The application accesses secrets via the shared memory volume.

This webcast uses a free OpenShift cluster with an IBM Cloud Pay-As-You-Go account. Register for an IBM Cloud account to get started. Then, follow this guide to upgrade your account to a Pay-As-You-Go account.

Speaker bio

Remko de Knikker is a cloud-native developer advocate and software engineer with a focus is on cloud-native, containers, Kubernetes, security and DevOps technologies. He is a Dutch NYer, dad, humanist, musician, literatus, and runner — serpent in the shepherd’s mouth with an empathy for paradox.

About this series

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