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Semantic Analysis in Threat Intelligence based on Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

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Live on Wednesday November 25th, 2020 at 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PST

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In the realm of cyber security, traditional threat intelligence is largely based on a retrospective analysis of observed breaches and malware campaigns, the associated modus operandi of attackers (characterized by ‘Indicators of Compromise, or IOCs) and the observed impact of the attack. However, the fast-paced and volatile nature of the threat landscape demands a paradigm shift in how enterprises obtain and leverage threat intelligence in order to deliver the protection that the business needs. Using Cloud Pak for Data, this session will show how we can leverage semantic analysis in threat intelligence to better understand the organizational context and enrich available organizational data based on Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. Moving away from the historical Indicators of Compromise approach, TTP-based threat intelligence (augmented by machine learning), enables enterprises to transform their security posture into a dynamic and pro-active approach that plays a vital role in reinforcing the organization’s cyber defense capabilities against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Speakers Bio

Balaji MP is a Threat Researcher at IBM Security. He is very passionate about fighting all malicious activities in cyber space and spent much of his career on identifying new attack-patterns. Today at IBM, his focus is on Advanced Threat Modeling, Threat Intelligence and pre-emptive threat hunting based on Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. Also he interacts with clients to protect their organization from current & future cyber attacks. As an accomplished threat researcher and malware reverse engineer, Balaji has shifted his focus on AI for CyberSecurity to pro-actively defend cyber attacks using AI and protect AI for cyber security against adversarial attacks. Before joining IBM in 2015, Balaji evolved through every aspect of IT and Cyber Security: from backend developer to exploit developer, penetration tester, reverse engineer and a guest speaker at educational institution in India & guest lecturer for master degree program at universities in Europe.

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