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What is … a NoSQL database?

About this video

This video gives you a brief introduction to NoSQL or non-relational databases and how they are used in modern programming.

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Transcript for this video

Hi everyone I’m Yamini. So what is a NoSQL database?

A NoSQL Database is a non relational database, which unlike relational databases does not store its data in tables with fixed columns and known data types. Instead, it uses documents with data type descriptions and values to store data.

A NoSQL database has a dynamic schema for document types. What this means is you do not have to explicitly mention the form of your data before storing it. So this kind of database can handle unstructured data really well.

NoSQL databases use a hierarchical data storage, so as your application grows, and you start to add new fields, your schema evolves as needed. So this database is scalable horizontally.

So if you need to build something really quickly or are in the early stages of prototyping a new application, NoSQL is a good way to go.