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What is FaaS?

About this video

What is function as a service (FaaS), and how is it related to serverless computing?

In this lightboard video, Jason Goode with IBM Cloud illustrates how cloud computing evolved over the years from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to event-driven compute paradigms, the differences between serverless and FaaS, and an e-commerce storefront example.


  • 0:30​​ IT software stack
  • 1:56​​ IaaS
  • 2:37​​ PaaS
  • 3:21​​ FaaS
  • 4:27​​ SaaS
  • 4:50​​ Serverless versus FaaS
  • 5:06​​ FaaS use case in serverless application architecture
  • 8:24​​ API gateway
  • 9:07​​ Benefits of FaaS

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