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What’s up the Node.js community? Node.js build and release teams, OpenSSL support, and more

n the latest installment of “What’s up in the Node.js community?” Michael Dawson interviews Richard Lau, of Red Hat, a Node.js collaborator who’s a member of both the Node.js Build and Release teams. Richard talks about the synergy between the two teams and how it’s helped give him a good overall view of the Node.js ecosystem.

A few highlights of their chat include:

  • When a disaster recovery plan comes in handy
  • Ongoing maintenance requirements for Node.js & what they entail
  • How planning works for a 36-month LTS release cycle

A major focus of their discussion is about the new OpenSSL 3 release, which includes FIPS support. OpenSSL provides the cryptographic functionality of Node.js. The new release includes numerous changes to increase security. The team has been building Node against the OpenSSL alpha releases to understand how the new release will affect Node.js users and developers. A major benefit to OPenSSL 3 is support for FIPs, so the team is working to include FIPs support in a pluggable way.

Now is a great time to join the Build and Release working groups. Even if you’re limited on time, there are a lot of small roles that we need volunteers to help us fill, so we’d love for you to get involved. It’s a great learning opportunity, giving you experience working with other Node.js collaborators and communities across platforms.