What’s up in the Node.js community? Yi-Hong talks about Docker images in Node, TensorFlow, and Node-RED

In this video, Yi-Hong talks about how he made Docker community images more accessible by adding support for more architectures, so you can use them on any platform.

He also chats about his work with TensorFlow, where support for Node.js libraries is new. TensorFlow allows AI to be integrated using JavaScript both on the back end in Node.js and in the browser. He’s also working to make it easier to develop flows with AI using Node-RED. He’s building custom nodes that you can use in Node-RED.

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Here are some of the modules Yi-Hong is working on for Node-RED.

Yi-Hong is a Node.js contributor who works on TensorFlow and Node-RED. Michael Dawson is the IBM Node.js community lead, chair of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee and member of the Node.js Community Committee.