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What’s up in the Node.js community? Sam Roberts talks security, TLS 1.3, cryptography and more

About this video

In this video, Michael Dawson and Sam Roberts talk about Node.js security. Sam gives a quick review of what he’s working on, chats about the benefits of the latest TLS 1.3 release, and touches on OpenSSL and cryptography.

Specific topics covered include:

  • How his team is working to make it easier to report, fix, and publicize vulnerabilities
  • Cryptography and how it relates to OpenSSL
  • Why people should be using TLS 1.3 (hint: bug fixes and performance enhancements)
  • How you can be involved in the security or crypto working groups

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Michael Dawson is the IBM Node.js community lead, chair of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee and member of the Node.js Community Committee. Sam Roberts is a Node.js collaborator and a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee and the Security Working Group.