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What’s up in the Node.js community: Beth Griggs and Michael Dawson talk about the Node.js 16 release

Want to know what’s new in the Node.js v16 release? Beth Griggs, Node.js release lead, and Michael Dawson, Node.js TSC Chair talk about the latest release, exciting features you should know about, and how you can help make it better before it goes into long-term support (LTS).

Highlights of their chat include:

  • Release schedule review — and why you should move off Node.js 10 this week
  • Support for Apple Silicon via prebuilt binaries
  • Upgrades resulting from V8’s latest upgrade (to v9)
  • ECMAScript RegExp Match Indices, which provide the start and end indices of the captured string
  • Stable Timers Promises API

Read the release blog post [https://nodejs.medium.com/node-js-16-available-now-7f5099a97e70] and get involved with the project.