Wild and dangerous with Marty & JJ: Helm – The Story – with Matt Butcher and Rimas Mocevicius, Part 2

About this episode

Welcome to Wild and Dangerous with Marty and JJ. Your hosts, Marty and JJ, are passionate developers who love to talk shop. In this episode they are excited to continue the conversation with Matt Butcher and Rimas Mocevicius. Matt is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft. Rimas is a Senior Software Engineer at JFrog. We are going to continue discussing Helm, picking up from where we let off in part 1 and going right up to the present day. Matt and Rimas are the co-creators of Helm and we are excited to have them on the show. Please join us live at 11am ET on April 14, 2021 to have your questions answered or catch us on replay at IBM Developer, Youtube or your favorite Podcast platform.