As with WebSphere Application Server v8.0 the OSGi Application support is built using Apache Aries. OSGi applications containing bundles using the following features is now supported:

  • blueprint-1.0: Bundles containing
    blueprint bundles
  • wab-1.0: Web Application Bundles (WABs). This feature extends blueprint-1.0 and servlet-3.0
  • jsp-2.2: WABs can contain JSPs provided the JSP feature is also enabled
  • jndi-1.0: Service lookup from initial context using the “osgi:service/” syntax such as:
    InitialContext ic = new

    MyService service = (MyService)
    ic.lookup("osgi:service/" + MyService.class.getName());

  • jdbc-4.0: Bundles can contain data
    sources to use with JDBC

OSGi Application Tooling

There is a separate set of tooling supplied by IBM Rational for developing OSGi applications within Eclipse. This is available for free from the Rational website or the Eclipse Marketplace.

The Liberty Profile Alpha tooling has also been enhanced to support OSGi applications. If you use the Eclipse tools to install an OSGi application that has contains a WAB with an Import-Package statement for javax.servlet.jsp then the tools will add the required features to the server.xml for that application:


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