Welcome to the new look WASdev. We are really quite excited about this update and while it doesn’t bring you a lot of new content, it does have a number of awesome features that we hope will make your experience better.

Site Search

Yes, you can now search the site. No more will you sit down looking at WASdev and wondering how to find things and then resort to a complex Google search.

Redesigned Downloads

We received lots of feedback about our download pages, so much so that we have redesigned it several times, but this time it is really really simple. Just find the product you want to download and click on the button for the right version.

Improved Liberty Repository

We only launched the Liberty repository a month ago, but we’ve consolidated, simplified, and improved the repository. It now brings together our product samples, config snippets, and the new open source integration into one place making it easier to find the asset you want.


We now have an event calendar listing any interesting meet ups, conferences or web casts. You can even get them added to your Google calendar.

Better organised docs

We’ve rejigged the article and docs in one place to make it easier to find things, we have also brought all the introductory material together.

We think this is a significant improvement.

If you have any feedback then you can send us a tweet @wasdevnet, add a comment to this post, or if you’d prefer you can click the contact us link at the bottom to send us a private email.

We’d love to hear from you so that we can make it even better.

Laura Cowen

1 comment on"WASdev gets a facelift"

  1. Seth Packham June 02, 2013

    Pretty cool new look! And nice job on the big move.

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