So, you’ve just got your shiny new Liberty profile set up and running. Now you’re looking at your old server and you’re thinking “How am I going to get that to fit in there?” Well, the answer just might lie in some of the resources we’ve provided to do migrations.

Application migration

Looking first at application migration, we’ve got a whole host of resources to make life easier. These centre around the WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit, or WAMT for short.

Take a look at the download page for WAMT to get hold of the latest updated version. It includes lots of tools that will help you move from other application servers to WAS, as well as moving from older versions of WAS up to V8.5.5.

Some of the resources that might help are listed below:

Configuration migration

Applications aren’t the only things people need to migrate of course, so we’ve been looking at what we can do to make configuration migration easier too. Enter the Tomcat Config Migration Tech Preview. This cool tool allows you to migrate a configuration from the Apache Tomcat server and the application to a Liberty profile server.

Take a look at:

We’re always interested in feedback, so if you have any comments feel free to drop by the migration forums and let us know what you think.

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