Running a marathon is exciting, running to the postbox is not. Yet a marathon winner has to start by running that first few metres. Two weeks ago we quietly, perhaps silently, created a new github organisation called wasdev. This is the beginning, the first few metres of our marathon.

We started by contributing our ant and maven build tools. Given that both ant and maven are open source it made sense to us that the ant tasks and maven plugins for the Liberty profile would also be open source, using the Apache 2 Licence.

This is only the start though.

Earlier this year we launched the Liberty Repository, which contains examples that demonstrate how to integrate open source libraries into your applications on the Liberty profile. This is all about open source so we will be contributing the source for those examples, and our product samples, into github repositories too.

We’ve recently been playing with Chef and produced some primordial Chef recipes for integrating Liberty into your Chef automation and we are doing that in github too.

This is a start for us, and a new experience, and we are looking for feedback on what else you think we should be doing. Please feel free to add a comment here, or to tweet us your thoughts @wasdevnet.

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