We’ve put together a sample application to demonstrate how to send and receive JMS messages inside a servlet running on Liberty using WebSphere MQ as the JMS provider. This sample shows you how to:

  • Configure the server.xml to point Liberty at WebSphere MQ Resource Adapter
  • Configure the server.xml to create JMS Connection Factories and Destinations that will be bound into JNDI
  • Use a basic servlet that can access the JMS configured objects bound in JNDI and send and receive a message. The servlet source code is available inside the WAR too.

Find the WebSphere MQ JMS Messaging on Liberty sample in the Liberty Repository.

4 comments on"WebSphere MQ Sample using Liberty profile"

  1. link to sample fails with 500

    • Hi Jon,

      Looks like the sample server had a hiccup – the link should be working now.


  2. Sample not found

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