You voted.  Your colleagues voted.  Your friends and your grandmother and your second cousin once removed may also have voted.  In a few short months, the Request for Enhancement to Add support for Eclipse Kepler has shot to the top of the Most Voted list for the WebSphere brand.

And we listened.  We’ve just released WebSphere Developer Tools V8.5.5.1, which does indeed add support for Eclipse Kepler (4.3.1).


In addition to supporting Kepler, this new version of the tools still supports Eclipse Juno (4.2.2), and we’ve also squashed a number of annoying bugs.

5 comments on"WebSphere Developer Tools V8.5.5.1 and Eclipse Kepler"

  1. WASdev Community November 14, 2013

    Hi, where did you click that link? I get 404 too when I click the link in your comment but I can’t find the link to fix it.



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