Since we released V8.5.5 a few months back we’ve been chilling out, maxing, relaxing… well no, not quite. We’ve been busy making Liberty profile even better and we’re ready to give you a preview with the new V8.5.5.Next Alpha.

The current Liberty profile in V8.5.5 is certified to the Java EE 6 Web Profile. It includes composable features for web services, JMS, and mongoDB. It also has centralized administrative capabilities, monitoring, problem determination, and security.

What’s in V8.5.5.Next Alpha?

V8.5.5.Next Alpha includes previews of:

  • Select Java EE7 Web Profile technologies:
    • Web sockets 1.0 extensions for web components (provides full duplex communications channels over a single TCP connection).
    • Non-persistent EJB timers for EJB Lite 3.2 (enables timed notifications that are not persisted on server shutdown).
  • Concurrency Utilities for Java EE 7 (enables concurrency within Java EE application components through high-performing thread utilities).
  • Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) 1.6 feature for outbound connectivity on the Liberty profile (allows connections via resource adapters to enterprise applications).
  • Open ID 2.0 authentication protocol (allows applications to configure user authentication via trusted OpenID providers).
  • WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools updates which provide full integration with the V8.5.5.Next Alpha runtime and Eclipse Kepler support.

For more details see New in V8.5.5.Next Alpha of WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Developer Tools

Want to give feedback or ask questions?

Let us know what you think in any of these places:

  • Our forum
  • Twitter
  • contact form
  • Email Carrie Finneran ( or give her a ring on + 1 919 543 7824. She’s project managing our early access releases and would love to hear what you think.

Get help from other WebSphere users and the WebSphere development team:

For more information about Liberty profile, take a look at our docs (inc. how-to articles and videos).

You can also submit enhancement requests here on WASdev.

Get it now!

Don’t forget, this is an alpha so not everything is fully working. While we try not to ship bugs in our alpha, the code is under active development.

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