In October I blogged about the two Chef Cookbooks for Liberty Profile we had just released. We’ve made a few fixes and enhancements, and released v0.2 of both the wlp and application_wlp cookbooks into the Opscode Community.

Liberty Profile v8.5.5.1

We’ve updated the wlp cookbook to pick up fixpack 1. i.e. WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5.1 Liberty Profile.

Installing features

We’ve added the ability to install a feature to an existing Liberty installation using wlp_install_feature.

We’ve added support for creating and updating the file of a Liberty Profile server.

Encoding passwords

You can now easily specify a password where you configure your Liberty Profile server so it is encoded in the resulting server.xml using any of the supported encoding types (xor|aes|hash). We recommend using encrypted data bags for storing and accessing sensitive data as passwords.

Updated for Chef 11.6 and 11.8

We’ve updated the application_wlp cookbook to work properly with Chef 11.6 and 11.8. The wlp cookbook was also tested with these versions of Chef.

All your feedback is welcome. You can post questions on the WASdev forum or open issues in our GitHub repositories: WASdev/ci.chef.wlp and WASdev/ci.chef.wlp.application.

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