Two hundred members of the Global WebSphere Community (GWC) turned out last week to participate in a live Q & A session about the V8.5.5.Next Alpha release of the Liberty profile. Fourteen members of the WebSphere and Liberty development teams fielded questions about the alpha release and also on a range of topics covering both application development and operations.

The session took place in a chat window on the GWC website. An edited (for coherence) transcript of the chat is now available.

The topics we covered include versions of Java and other technologies shipped in the Liberty profile, why IBM created the Liberty profile and why developers should use it, using the Liberty profile in production environments, and where to get more information or help about the Liberty profile.

Thank you to Steven LaFond, GWC Community Manager, who conceived, organised, and slickly ran the Q&A session. We’d love to know what you think of the format. Steven calls it “the first Q & A” which suggests he’s keen to do it again! So please join us in future sessions. In the meantime, feel free to send us your feedback on the Liberty profile and, especially, on the alpha release.

The Global WebSphere Community is a hub for the 140+ WebSphere User Groups (WUGs) around the world. You can join the GWC for free by registering on their website at You’ll then be notified about any future sessions they organise.

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