The new Hibernate JPA sample shows how you can easily adapt an existing JPA application to use Hibernate and Liberty profile.

The new sample is based on an existing JPA sample. The existing sample shows how to implement a simple JPA application in Liberty profile to store and retrieve data from a Derby database. The only changes to the existing sample are the ones required to use Hibernate instead of the default JPA provider (based on Apache OpenJPA) in Liberty profile. It only takes a few small updates to the persistence.xml and server.xml files to use an alternative JPA provider. The same changes could also be used to modify an existing Hibernate application running on another application server to use Liberty profile.

You can find the Hibernate JPA sample in the Liberty Repository.

1 comment on"Hibernate JPA sample: Using an alternative JPA provider"

  1. Nice Article. Could you also post an article where we make use of JpaRepository, something like:

    public interface ProductRepository extends JpaRepository


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