The IBM Redbooks publication, Configuring and Deploying Open Source with WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile was published last month and recently updated.

Liberty and open source redbook

For anyone new to the Liberty profile, the book provides an introduction to its capabilities. It then explains how you can install, customise, and configure several open source technologies to deploy to a Liberty profile server. It uses a simple “Todo” sample application to demonstrate the use of multiple open source frameworks or toolkits with the Liberty profile server.

The book covers:

  • Chapter 1. WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile
  • Chapter 2. Open source frameworks and toolkits selection
  • Chapter 3. Implementing and testing backend services on Liberty profile server
  • Chapter 4. Continuous integration with Jenkins on Liberty
  • Chapter 5. Front-end development on the Liberty profile server
  • Chapter 6. Deploying Liberty profile server with Chef
  • Chapter 7. Working with third-party tools on Liberty profile server

You can get this book for free in a range of formats:

Or, of course, you can pay to order a hardcopy book.

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