Missed Impact 2014? A popular lab this year was “Build and Manage A WebSphere Liberty Application Cluster including the new Admin Center”. The instructions are available for download from the official Impact 2014 site, but we’re re-posting them here for easy access (and you can download the beta here too!).

If you missed Impact, missed the lab, or just want to do it all over again, grab the instructions, grab the beta, and have a go!

Session_1377_IMPACT2014-Lab-instructions (PDF)

These instructions are written for a Linux environment, so it’s easiest if you have a Linux system to use for the lab. If you don’t run Linux, keep your eyes out for the next content update! We’re working on updating these lab instructions to include Windows instructions, as well as to take a more community-friendly format.

3 comments on"Build a Liberty application cluster – IMPACT 2014 lab"

  1. Michael C Thompson May 11, 2014

    Jordan, you can use any web application you like – we used snoop.war as a simple example.

    The lab materials for this year’s lab is the same as last year’s, which can be downloaded from here:

    Sorry for not including this in the original post!

  2. Mike – I think you need to add the /opt/lab-material content beyond just the PDF

  3. Hi Thompson,

    I’m seeing your pdf, but do you know when can I find the snoop.war from outside web for customer? Thanks!

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