We’re pleased to announce the availability of the WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit Version 8.5.5. It includes a range of tools to migrate your applications to WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 and Liberty profile from other application servers like JBoss and Apache Tomcat, or from previous versions of WebSphere Application Server.

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What’s New and Noteworthy?

WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit Version 8.5.5 now includes the Apache Tomcat to Liberty Profile Configuration Migration Tool, providing an integrated developer experience for migrating applications and configuration from Apache Tomcat to the WebSphere Liberty profile server.

WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit Version 8.5.5 includes updates to all six of the migration tools:

  • Apache Tomcat to Liberty Profile Configuration Migration Tool *NEW*
  • Apache Tomcat to WebSphere Application Migration Tool
  • JBoss to WebSphere Application Migration Tool
  • Oracle to WebSphere Application Migration Tool
  • WebLogic to WebSphere Application Migration Tool
  • WebSphere Version to Version Application Migration Tool

Competitive migration

Migration to the Liberty profile

  • Evaluate whether your application is suitable for running on Liberty Core or the Liberty profile with new Liberty profile Java EE technology rules.
  • Select Liberty Core or the Liberty profile as the target application server in the rule set configuration dialog.

Packaging and installation

  • All competitive migration tools, including the Tomcat configuration migration tool, are packaged together in one update site for easier installation.
  • The competitive migration tools are available on Eclipse Marketplace.

Tomcat configuration migration tool

The configuration migration tool migrates a subset of the server configuration and application configuration from Apache Tomcat to the WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Liberty profile. The tool supports:

  • Migrating from Apache Tomcat 6 and 7
  • Migrating Tomcat users and roles from multiple files
  • Migrating HTTP Connectors
  • Migrating SSL configuration
  • Migrating Virtual hosts
  • Migrating Mime types
  • Migrating Standard Manager
  • Migrating Resource configuration for Apache Derby, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySql, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, IBM WebSphere MQ and Apache ActiveMQ
  • Migrate configuration for MongoDB from the application source
  • Migrating Application security constraints
  • Migrating Properties defined in catalina.properties referenced by the migrated configuration
  • Copying JDBC drivers required by migrated Resource configuration from the Tomcat lib directory to the Liberty ${shared.resources.dir} if available
  • Publishing the application to the Liberty profile server

WebSphere Version to Version migration

Our  version-to-version migration tooling continues to support migrating applications from previous versions of WebSphere Application Server.  There are no changes required between V8.5 and V8.5.5.

You can now scan your application for differences between the WebSphere Application Server full profile and the Liberty profile by using the newly available migration toolkit Liberty Technology Preview. For information about installing the tool, go to WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit – Liberty Tech Preview.

New supported platforms

  • The latest WebSphere Developer Tools v8.5.5 available from WASdev
  • Eclipse 4.3.2 (Kepler SR2)
  • Rational Application Developer v9.0
  • Rational Software Architect v9.0

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For more information, see Learn more about WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit.

14 comments on"Announcing: Migration toolkit for WebSphere and Liberty V8.5.5"

  1. Dundappa Kamate October 25, 2017

    I am trying to migrate WAS my ce-clm apps are hosted) to Liberty, went through some links but are confusing. Can you point to a correct link, which guides with step by step migration.

  2. J9V5_Diane_Strachan February 02, 2017

    Is the Websphere Application MIgration Toolkit only available for Rational Application Developer v9.0? Is there a previous version of the toolkit available (i.e. 3.5.0) to support application migration from v7 to v8.5.5 version to version migration on RAD 8.5.5? I would like to use the tool but RAD 8.5.5 is on an older version of Eclipse 3.6.3. If this is not possible, are there any other source migration tools available for RAD? Thx

    • The current version supports RAD 9.0 and later, as well as Eclipse Luna and later. If you are not able to upgrade to RAD 9.0, and installing and using Eclipse Luna is not an option for you, please open a PMR requesting an earlier version of the migration toolkit be made available.

  3. Javvad_Ahmed November 03, 2015

    hi, from the above tool, can we migrate WebSphere Application Server V6.1/7.0 to WebSphere Application Server V8.5?
    Do IBM or non-IBM have any tools to migrate WebSphere Application Server?

  4. Thomas Hikade October 12, 2015

    Because this blog post is among the first to rank in Google when searching for Liberty migration, I am posting the link to the “Liberty Configuration Migration Tool” which has been released in September 2015:


    “The WebSphere Configuration Migration Tool, is an eclipse plugin that helps migrate your existing Server configuration from WebLogic, JBoss or WebSphere V7.0+ to WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Full Profile and WebSphere Liberty profile.”

  5. Anand Billore November 26, 2014

    Thanks for such toolkit. I an using the RAD with WAS 7.0.But Now I need to move to WAS 8.5.5 liberty profile.I have exported the WAS 7.0 profile using RAD in a .car file. Now Please just correct my understaing about the , WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit – Liberty Tech Preview tool,: this tool help me to import such seeting into the WAS 8.5.5 liberty profile or just give me some guideline and I need to manually modify the server.xml of Liberty profile?

    • Thank you for your interest in the Migration Toolkit: Liberty Tech Preview. This tool is for migrating your applications, not your server configuration. It analyzes your application source and highlights Java EE programming model and WebSphere API differences between the profile types. Where possible, it provides quick fixes to make the application changes for you.

      • Thansk for the info. But can you please suggete me:If I need to modify the server.xml,manually ( for my Liberty profile) from WAS 7.0 profile? I menat the migration will be completly manuall and there no such IBM tool?

        • You are correct. There is no tool to migrate configuration from WAS 7.0 profile to WAS 8.5.5 Liberty profile. There is information in the Knowledge Center though to help you manually migrate configuration, such as data sources, user registries, and security configuration.

  6. The documentation of the provided tool confuses me. Is it possible with this tool to create a working “server.xml” for WAS Liberty profile from a working WAS 8.5.5 profile? Or does this tool only analyses my application?

    • Since your question is about migrating from a WAS 8.5.5 profile to a WAS Liberty profile, I presume you are talking about the WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit – Liberty Tech Preview tool. That tool analyzes your application, makes recommendations, and provides quick fixes where possible. It does not create a Liberty profile server.xml file.

      Multiple migration tools are described in this announcement article, so if I made the wrong presumption please let me know. The only migration tool that updates a Liberty profile server.xml file is the “Apache Tomcat to Liberty Profile Configuration Migration Tool”. That is part of the Competitive Migration Tools that are also mentioned in this article.

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