Look out, here come some new, shiny things in the Liberty Repository!

New features for Liberty profile V8.5.5

  • Admin Center A web-based graphical interface for managing Liberty profile servers and applications and other resources from a web browser on a tablet, or computer.
  • JCA Enables the configuration of resource adapters to access Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) from applications.
  • z/OS Connect Enables applications on Liberty to access z/OS resources.
  • z/OS WebSphere Optimized Local Adapter Enables high-performance calling between native-language applications on z/OS and business logic in a Liberty profile server environment.
  • WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit V8.5.5.2 A range of tools to migrate your applications to WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 and Liberty profile from other application servers like JBoss and Apache Tomcat, or from previous versions of WebSphere Application Server.
  • WebSphere Application Developer Tools V8.5.5 Config snippets can now be installed through the tools, simply right click on the liberty profile server in the servers view and select Utilities -> Add Config Snippets.

What’s already in Liberty profile V8.5.5?

For a summary of what was new in the V8.5.5 release of both Liberty profile and WebSphere Developer Tools for Eclipse, take a look at the announcement for V8.5.5.


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