One of the many benefits of the Liberty profile is the concept of features. This allows you to build a runtime tailored to the needs of your application. Another benefit is it allows us to deliver new capabilities when they are ready as new features in an incremental way. Unlike in the past where adding support for a specification update would require an application migration, any new features are only used when specifically requested so existing applications remain unaffected. At the same time if you need the new capabilities you can get them. This provides stability for existing application deployments, and flexibility for new applications to use the latest and greatest capabilities of the runtime.

In June of this year we released several new features in this way including JCA 1.6 support. Today we have announced the release of the following Java EE 7 technologies for the Liberty profile:

  • Java Servlet 3.1
  • Java API for WebSocket 1.0
  • Concurrency Utilities for JavaTM EE
  • Java API for JSON Processing

These technologies will be available fully supported. In addition to these programming model features we are also releasing support for:

  • Automatically scale your Liberty profile server environment based on workload
  • OpenID 2.0
  • OpenID Connect

This will all be available on December 9th.

2 comments on"Use the latest Java EE technologies in real apps thanks to Liberty features"

  1. The current release of the Liberty profile only supports EJB Lite[1]. This announce does not affect that support statement.

    The current beta contains an ejb-3.2 feature which is working on implementing EJB outside of the EJB Lite subset, however this does not currently include remote EJB.


  2. Are remote EJBs supported?

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