Thanks for all your support for our beta program so far. Here’s the latest beta of WebSphere® Application Server Liberty Profile and WebSphere Developer Tools (WDT).

Look out for more betas over the coming months. Some of the beta features are now available and supported in WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile V8.5.5.

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What’s in the Liberty profile beta for December?

In the December beta, we’ve added:

  • SIP Tools Create and edit SIP 1.1 applications for deployment to the Liberty Beta runtime.
    • Use the SIP Project and SIP Servlet wizards to create your applications:

    • The SIP Servlet wizard enables you to specify the servlet selection type, in addition to the method stubs you want to generate in your SIP servlet class:

    • You can edit your deployment configuration using the SIP deployment descriptor editor:

  • Remote Bundle Repository Provision OSGi bundles for your application from remote repositories that support the OSGi Bundle Repository (OBR) format.
    • Simply add the location to a <bundleRepository> tag in your server.xml file that points to the remote OBR XML file; for example:
      <bundleRepository location="http://myrepository/obr.xml" />
    • You can define a remote and local repository at the same time using both a location attribute and nested fileset tags within the same bundleRepository entry.
  • SPNEGO Single sign-on for HTTP requests using Simple and Protected GSS-API Negotiation Mechanism (SPNEGO) web authentication.
    • Enables users to log in to the Microsoft Domain controller once using their Windows workstations and access protected applications on Liberty servers without getting prompted again.
  • OSGi App Integration Allows OSGi applications in the same Liberty runtime to share their services with each other.
    • The osgiAppIntegration-1.0 feature adds Liberty support for the Application-ImportService and Application-ExportService headers that are used for OSGi application integration in WAS full profile. The Liberty model differs from the full profile model only slightly, in that method parameters are passed by reference in Liberty, and by value in full profile. Liberty developers must add a ‘binding:=local’ directive to the relevant header entries for this reason.
  • Utilities for Remote Liberty Profile server WebSphere Developer Tools provides utilities for the Liberty server. These utilities perform certain tasks for the user. For the December beta, the following utilities are supported for the remote server:
    • Create SSL Certificate
    • Package Server
    • Create Collective Controller
    • Join Collective
    • Generate Dump for Support

And, of course, a bunch of bug fixes.

What’s already in there?

In the November beta, we added SIP Servlets 1.1, JDBC 4.1, OSGi & Web 3.1 facet configuration for OSGi bundles, JAX-RS 2.0 client wizard, and PAX deployment support.

In earlier betas, we fixed a shedload of bugs and added things like support for remote development, auto-scaling and dynamic routing, Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) and CouchDB, and there was JAX-RS 2.0, Java Batch, JMS 2.0, JPA 2.1, bean validation 1.1, JSON-P 1.0, EJB 3.2 Lite, concurrent-1.0, Servlet 3.1, OpenID Connect, Java 8 toleration, WebSockets, a facelift for the Liberty Repository

Go take a look at the previous beta announcements for a full list:

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