Happy New Year! Thanks for all your support for our beta program so far. Here’s the latest beta of WebSphere® Application Server Liberty Profile and WebSphere Developer Tools (WDT).

Look out for more betas over the coming months. Some of the features in previous betas are now available and supported in production in WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile V8.5.5.

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What’s in the Liberty profile beta for January 2015?

In the January 2015 Liberty beta, we’ve added:

  • Bean Validation tools Tools for creating and editing bean validation 1.1 deployment descriptor XML files:



  • sipServlet-1.1 Updated with:
    1. Support for Name Authority Pointer (NAPTR) and RFC 3263. The RFC is supported automatically at the SIP stack when configured for resolving SIP URI NAPTR records from DNS. In addition, a proprietary API is available for the SIP application, and allows preforming on demand look-ups in a synchronous, or a-synchronous methods.
    2. Added a SIP state dumping utility. Liberty can now dump the SIP sessions state in different levels of verbosity by both using the Liberty CLI dump command, as well as through an Mbean interface.
    3. High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) extension for SIP. You can now use the log viewer to filter log records by their SIP dialog context (e.g. Filter by Call-ID, Session-ID, etc…)
  • webSocket-1.1 Provides a more robust way of handling generics when defining a WebSocket MessageHandler compared to WebSocket 1.0. If you’re using 1.0 and would like to change to 1.1, change the entry in your server.xml from <feature>websocket-1.0</feature> to <feature>websocket-1.1</feature>.
  • featureManager uninstall Added an uninstall command to featureManager. You can now use featureManager to uninstall the features from a Liberty installation.
  • AdminCenter Introduces metrics into the Explore tool, which enables you to view relevant dynamic graphs for servers and applications. These include JVM Statistics for servers, e.g. Heap Usage, CPU Usage, and Active Threads, as well as some PMI Statistics for Applications such as Request Count and Average Response Time:


And, of course, a bunch of bug fixes.

What’s already in there?

In the December beta, we added SIP tools, SPNEGO support, OSGi App integration, and utilities for remote Liberty profile server.

In earlier betas, we added SIP Servlets 1.1, JDBC 4.1, OSGi & Web 3.1 facet configuration for OSGi bundles, and JAX-RS 2.0 client wizard; we fixed a shedload of bugs and added things like support for remote development, auto-scaling and dynamic routing, Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) and CouchDB; finally, there was JAX-RS 2.0, Java Batch, JMS 2.0, JPA 2.1, bean validation 1.1, JSON-P 1.0, EJB 3.2 Lite, concurrent-1.0, Servlet 3.1, OpenID Connect, Java 8 toleration, WebSockets, a facelift for the Liberty Repository

Go take a look at the previous beta announcements for a full list:

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