Thanks for all your support for our beta program so far. Here’s the latest beta of WebSphere® Application Server Liberty Profile and WebSphere Developer Tools (WDT).

If you’d like to know where we’re up to with implementing Java EE 7 support in Liberty, here’s a summary showing beta support vs actual support (see the Liberty Profile column).

Look out for more betas over the coming months. Some of the features in previous betas are now available and supported in production in WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile V8.5.5.

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What’s in the Liberty beta for April/May 2015?

In the April/May 2015 Liberty beta, we’ve added the following goodies for you…

Java EE 7

  • Java EE 7 Web Profile We have added a new convenience feature so you can easily get all the Web Profile 7 features enabled in one easy step. Just configure the webProfile-7.0 feature in server.xml.
  • Java EE 7 Full Platform We don’t quite have every specification for Java EE 7 full platform yet, but we are almost there. In anticipation we have created a convenience feature so you can get all of Java EE 7 quickly and easily. Just configure the javaee-7.0 feature in server.xml.
  • Support for JMS 2.0 with IBM MQ We added JMS 2.0 for the built in wasJmsServer-1.0 a while ago, but now we have augmented our JMS 1.1 support for IBM MQ with a wmqJmsClient-2.0 feature so you can connect to IBM MQ using JMS 2.0.
  • appClient-1.0 is now javaeeClient-7.0 We changed the name of appClient-1.0 to javaeeClient-7.0 to be more consistent with the new Java EE 7 full platform feature. The application client can make use of most server deployed components, including remote EJB. A new feature appClientSupport-1.0 can be enabled so the client application can make use of server defined resources.


  • assetManager is now installUtility Besides the new name, new in this beta is also the capability to install samples and open source integrations, and the capability to install any missing features for an existing server by using the server name.
  • Unzip installs Liberty can now be installed using a zip archive (in addition to the existing jars). There are three Zip archives to choose from depending on what you need. These are: Java EE Web Profile 7, Java EE Full Platform 7 and the OSGi applications programming features. These can be downloaded from the beta download page.

And, of course, a bunch of bug fixes.

What’s already in there?

In the March beta, we added JSF 2.2 and Remote EJB support.

In earlier betas, we added CDI 1.2, JSP 2.3 and EL 3.0, application client 1.0, JASPIC 1.1, JACC 1.5, SIP Servlets 1.1 and tools, SPNEGO support, OSGi App integration, JDBC 4.1, OSGi & Web 3.1 facet configuration for OSGi bundles, and JAX-RS 2.0 client wizard; we fixed a shedload of bugs and added things like support for remote development, auto-scaling and dynamic routing, Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) and CouchDB; finally, there was JAX-RS 2.0, Java Batch, JMS 2.0, JPA 2.1, bean validation 1.1, JSON-P 1.0, EJB 3.2 Lite, concurrent-1.0, Servlet 3.1, OpenID Connect, Java 8 toleration, WebSockets, a facelift for the Liberty Repository

Go take a look at the previous beta announcements for a full list:

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3 comments on"Announcing: Liberty beta with tools (April/May 2015)"

  1. The fixpack will be available in late June per this link[1]. As we have done for the last few fix packs we may also release at the same time new function that is ready; until an announce is made I can’t comment on what those might be.


  2. When will version 9 GA? Any month known?

  3. Andre_Fernandes_BR April 13, 2015

    Will the next version be named or 9.x?


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