Here’s the latest WAS Liberty beta and WebSphere Developer Tools (WDT).

Thanks to your support for our beta programme, we were able to release WAS Liberty with Java EE 7 Full Platform support on 25th June 2015!

Look out for more betas over the coming months.

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What’s in the WAS Liberty beta for October 2015?

  • SIP Servlet wizard
    • Servlets created will be annotated with @SipServlet
    • Main Servlet designations will generate an annotated SIP servlet class in addition to a file with the @SipApplication annotation configured. Selecting this:


      Will generate this:

    • The wizard will then prevent any further Main Servlets from being created (as per the SIP spec which states that there can only be one Main Servlet in the application).
  • SCIM SCIM provides developers with the ability to access the User and Group management data present in the LDAP registry. A user with an administrator role, can fetch attributes associated with a particular user or group and also search for users or groups in the registry. This data is currently not accessible in any other way.
  • Multiple server partitions support The new functionality means you can run batch partitions on multiple servers instead of just a single server. It uses JMS, so the partitions can stay in a queue till the executors are running. This helps in distributing the workload.

Migration toolkit updates

Alongside the October 2015 beta, the migration toolkits have been updated. The application migration tools provide a new Cloud Migration rule set that helps migrate from any application server to Liberty PaaS. They also include new support for migrating from Java EE 6 to Java EE 7 for CDI, JAX-RS, JMS, and JPA. The configuration migration tool includes new support for MQ, SI-BUS, and LDAP along with improved usability and use of custom property data.

All of the migration toolkits have been refreshed and combined into fewer packages:

What’s already in there?

The September 2015 beta included updates to our Docker support.

Take a look at the previous beta announcements for a full list of stuff added since the V8.5.5.6 release in June 2015:

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