Here’s the latest WAS Liberty beta and WebSphere Developer Tools (WDT).

Thanks to your support for our beta programme, we were able to release WAS Liberty with Java EE 7 Full Platform support on 25th June 2015!

Look out for more betas over the coming months.

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What’s in the WAS Liberty beta for December 2015?

  • Web Services Atomic Transaction
    • Enable this capability with <feature>wsAtomicTransaction-1.2</feature> in your server.xml.
    • A transaction that is started on one server can be extended to include resources updated on other servers via web service calls. When the transaction is finally committed (or rolled-back) all the transactional resources on both the local and remote machines will be guaranteed to be either all committed or all rolled-back as one atomic operation.
    • The feature supports handling of both in-bound transactions when processing web service requests from other servers (including Liberty and Classic WAS) and propagating out-bound transactions when web service calls are made.
    • Transactions are, as would be expected, fully logged and will be correctly handled and recovered in the case of any failure at any point in the distributed environment.
    • For more information, see the OASIS Web Services Atomic Transaction standard.
  • Updates to REST API discovery
    • The apiDiscovery-1.0 feature now supports auto-generation of Swagger 2.0 documents from JAX-RS 1.1 and 2.0 annotated web apps! These JAX-RS apps can also be annotated with Swagger annotations, which will be used to provide additional content to the generated document. Just deploy your JAX-RS application onto a Liberty server running this beta driver (with apiDiscovery-1.0 configured) and you will see the REST APIs automatically show up in the /ibm/api/explorer view!
    • Also new is a collective-wide Swagger 2.0 document of your REST APIs. Just add apiDiscovery-1.0 to your collective controller and to any collective member that wants to expose REST APIs, and when you hit /ibm/api/collective/docs in the collective controller you will see a Swagger 2.0 document that aggregates all of the REST APIs being exposed in the collective. Stay tuned for a corresponding UI view of this new endpoint.
  • OSGi Application support for Java EE 7 technologies

What’s already in there?

The November 2015 beta included REST API discovery and updates to WebSphere Developer Tools.

Take a look at the previous beta announcements for a full list of stuff added since the V8.5.5.6 release in June 2015:

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