Since delivering Java EE 7 Full Platform compliance back in June, we’ve been finishing off some of the other WebSphere Liberty features that we’ve beta’d over the past few months.

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New features in Liberty

Find out more about all the new features in the Liberty Repository.

  • REST API Discovery
    • You can now discover REST APIs available on a Liberty server with a new Swagger-based discovery model! Simply add the apiDiscovery-1.0 feature to your Liberty instances, add a swagger.json file to your web module’s META-INF folder. Alternatively, configure a different URL (see the documentation) and you’ll be able to fetch an aggregated swagger.json via the URL https://host:https_port/ibm/api/docs if you want to work with the raw JSON data, or you can visualize the attractive UI at https://host:https_port/ibm/api/explorer, which lets you navigate and invoke your REST APIs from the browser. Try it out!
    • There’s a wizard to create the swagger.json file to define the REST API document. You have two options:
      • Create a template swagger.json file, which will create a META-INF/swagger.json file consisting of just the top level required Swagger elements.
      • Create a sample swagger.json file, which will create a META-INF/swagger.json consisting of a number of generated configurations.

  • Federated User Registry
    • Support for federating multiple user registries.
  • OSGi Http Whiteboard
    • Deploy modular Web applications written using Servlet technologies and the OSGi HTTP Whiteboard specification.
  • Media Server Control
    • Access media servers using the JSR309 API.
    • For applications to use this API, a driver implementation of JSR309 must be installed.
  • System for Cross-domain Identity Management
    • Invoke the User Management API using SCIM REST Services.
  • Kerberos Constrained Delegation for SPNEGO
    • Support for Kerberos constrained delegation for SPNEGO.
  • WSSecurity SAML
    • Support for the SAML Assertion in the Web Service Security version 1.1 function.

Also new in this release

  • Migration Toolkit
    • The migration toolkit has been updated to provide more assistance for migrating to Liberty.
    • Both the Eclipse source scanning and binary scanning tools are updated with new and updated rules for Java EE 6 to Java EE 7 migration, as well as WebSphere classic to Liberty migration.
    • The binary scanning tool can now generate reports in multiple languages.
  • Find and install features from within the Server Configuration Editor
    • Can’t find the features you’re looking for? Install them right from the Add Features dialog! Convenient right?

  • Install content from local repositories
    • Don’t have access to the online Liberty Repository? Use a local repository instead. Local repositories are folders or zip files containing installable Liberty features and/or addons. Configure WebSphere Developer Tools to access your local repositories and install away.


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