Sometimes you have developed a standalone Java application but want to make use of capabilities provided by an application server. For example, you might have a standalone Java application which accesses a DB2 database but you want to make use of the connection pooling provided by WebSphere Liberty. To achieve this, you need to create an application client.

The following video demonstrates how to package the application in an EAR, create an application client in Liberty, configure the client.xml with the database information, and then run the application.

2 comments on"Using the WebSphere Liberty application client"

  1. Shantanu Wattamwar June 01, 2017

    Hi . its very good video. This blog tutorial gives exact what I am looking for.
    Just one thought . I am looking to run multiple instances of application client.
    Actually there are many scheduled Jobs invoking same client . Can it be achieved in Liberty.
    Again appreciate response.

    • theDavidChan June 06, 2017

      Hello Shantanu,
      You can invoke the application client back to back, but running the same application client concurrently is not currently supported and would cause an error.

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