Here’s the latest WebSphere Liberty beta and WebSphere Developer Tools (WDT).

Thanks to your support for our regular beta programme, we are able to release new Liberty features every few months. Most recently, in March.

Look out for more betas over the coming months.

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What’s in the WebSphere Liberty beta for April?

  • samlWeb-2.0 The samlWeb-2.0 feature has been updated to accept SAML tokens in HTTP request headers as authentication tokens. SAML token propagation is commonly used in service to service calls, for example, proxy servers or restful clients propagate SAML tokens to downstream services. The configuration for SAML propagation is very similar to SAML web browser SSO, you configure the samlWeb-2.0 feature, then add inboundPropagation="required" to the samlWebSso20 configuration samlWebSso20.
  • Updates to openidConnectServer-1.0
    • Now supports JSON web key (JWK) to publish public keys used in ID Token signatures. With JWK enabled, the Liberty OpenidConnect Provider dynamically generates and publishes an RSA key pair used by the ID Token signature. The JWK endpoint is formatted like:[openidConnectProvider configuration id]/jwk and can be found via discovery. To enable JWK in the Liberty OpenID Connect provider, add jwkEnabled="true" in the OpenID Connect provider configuration.
    • Also updated to support SPI for userinfo and token introspection, and you can develop Liberty user features to customize userinfo and token introspection.
  • Updates to openidConnectClient-1.0
    • Updated to support JSON web key (JWK), so Liberty Openid Connect clients can dynamically download JWK from the OpenID Connect provider. To configure JWK for openidConnectClient-1.0, add jwkEndpointUrl to the element in server.xml.
    • Updated to support implicit grant type. The implicit grant type is required if the Openid Connect client and provider are in a different firewall and can not connect to the Openid Connect porvider that is required for the authorizeation code grant type. To enable implicit grant type, add grantType="implicit" to the element in server.xml.

What’s already in there?

The March 2016 beta included new integration with API Connect.

Take a look at the previous beta announcements for a full list of stuff added since the V8.5.5.6 release in June 2015:

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