So you’ve built an application and now you’re looking to deploy it into production on WAS traditional, fronted by IBM HTTP Server. You’ve decided that using Docker containers will give you faster deployments and greater isolation between running instances. The series of videos in this post will show you how to build and run production images for WAS traditional and IBM HTTP server.

The first video demonstrates how to build a production Docker image for IBM HTTP Server using the Dockerfiles made available in GitHub:

The next video demonstrates how to build a production Docker image for WAS traditional using the Dockerfiles made available in GitHub:

Now that you have IBM HTTP Server and IBM WebSphere Application Server traditional images, how do you configure and access the application through IBM HTTP Server?

The final video demonstrates how to configure the IBM HTTP Server with WAS traditional and how to access the application through IBM HTTP Server when both are running inside containers:

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  1. Kavitha Suresh Kumar March 23, 2018

    Hi Ralph,

    The command to be executed to start admin server is “docker exec ihs /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/adminctl start”

    To restart container use “docker restart ihs”


  2. here

    hello Kavitha,

    Good day.

    We are Configuring IBM HTTP Server to work with WebSphere Application Server running in containers and we are referring to some of your sharing (, on our end to make the IHS docker work, but….,

    Herewith we grasp the ihs image from ibmcom/ibm-http-server and make it running fine with below command
    docker run –name ihs -h ihs -p 80:80 –net=net1 -d ibmcom/ibm-http-server

    then we put the responsefile.txt (please refer to the attachment) into the /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Toolbox/WCT/ in ihs by below command
    docker cp responsefile.txt ihs: /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Toolbox/WCT/

    for configuring the ihs container, we docker exec -it –user root ihs /bin/bash and we run below command under /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Toolbox/WCT/, -tool pct -defLocPathname /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Plugins -defLocName loc1 -createDefinition -response /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Toolbox/WCT/responsefile.txt

    and following your sharing, we also run
    docker exec ihs /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/htpasswd -cb /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/conf/admin.passwd ihsadmin ihspasswd

    after above, we try to re-start (docker exec ihs /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin/apachectl start) the ihs, but unfortunately, the ihs is not able to run.
    (console shows
    Starting IBM HTTP Server
    IBM HTTP Server started successfully
    IBM HTTP Server stopped)  then quickly shows IBM HTTP Server stopped
    (since the ihs container is not able to run, we are not able to get into the container to trace the error log, even the docker logs -f –tail=all ihs only shows IBM HTTP Server stopped)

    We would like to consult you whether we miss any steps or any action we do it wrong.

    Please kindly advice.


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