Here’s the latest WebSphere Liberty beta and WebSphere Developer Tools (WDT).

Thanks to your support for our regular beta programme, we are able to release new Liberty features every few months. Most recently, in June.

Look out for more betas over the coming months.

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Path normalization on values specified using a variable

We’ve made a change in this beta that alters the behavior associated with path normalization on values that are specified using variables.

Find out more here.

REST connector 2.0

The new restConnector-2.0 feature has been implemented without the need for JAX-RS. This means you can now include your own JAX-RS implementation in your applications and still take advantage of the JMX REST connector and collectives. On top of that, by eliminating JAX-RS, servers have a smaller footprint which makes them easier to be deployed on to the cloud.

Federated registry now exposes VMM SPI

The federatedRegistry-1.0 feature now exposes the following VMM SPIs:


The CustomRepository interface enables you to create, read, update, and delete users and groups. It also enables you to add extended attributes to users and groups. You can implement the custom repository as a user feature.

For more information about custom user registries, see the following technotes:

And, of course, there’s the usual Javadoc installed with Liberty.

z/OS local adapters messaging

On z/OS, the zosLocalAdapters-1.0 feature includes support for sending and receiving messages to and from IMS.

Re-designed Deploy Tool in the Admin Center

In the Admin Center (adminCenter-1.0), the Deploy Tool been completely redesigned for a better user experience when deploying Liberty server packages. Not only that, but you can now deploy Node.js application packages and Docker containers. Support for custom deployment rules has also been added.


What’s already in there?

The July 2016 beta included updates the CDI 2.1 feature.

Take a look at the previous beta announcements for a full list of stuff added since the release in June 2016:

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