(Updated 2016-12-09 by Laura as drafts are now published.)

Erin Schnabel and Kate Stanley from the Liberty microservices team recently co-authored an IBM Redbook publication, Microservices Best Practices for Java. The book is now in draft published and you can download it and give your feedback by commenting on the site.

In this video, the authors, Michael Hofmann, Erin, and Kate talk about why you should read their book:

And Kate has published 5 Things to Know about Microservices with Java on the IBM Redbooks Blog.

If that’s not enough microservices reading for you, there’s another draft IBM Redbooks publication now available that you can also download and comment on (by Sandro De Santis, Luis Florez, Duy V Nguyen, and Eduardo Rosa): Evolve the Monolith to Microservices with Java and Node.

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