Earlier this year at the InterConnect conference we demonstrated new features that make Liberty easy to connect to ELK. ELK, which stands for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, is a popular set of open source products for pulling your logs, and similar data, into a search server, and for making it easy to build visualizations to analyze that data.

This week we’re providing two new capabilities:

  • For Liberty: Kibana 4 dashboards to use with the Bluemix log collection beta.
  • For WebSphere Application Server (WAS) traditional and IBM HTTP Server (IHS): a simple way to send logs to the Bluemix log collection service so that you can visualise server traffic.

Kibana 4 dashboards for Liberty

Previously, our Bluemix log collection beta provided a single Kibana 3 dashboard for problem determination. We are now providing a set of Kibana 4 dashboards that you can use. There are three new Kibana 4 dashboards, which will help you find problems in your logs, spot slowdowns and traffic issues, and find memory issues in Liberty servers whose data you send to Bluemix. Getting set up to send your data from Liberty servers to Bluemix is surprisingly easy. See the Knowledge Center for details.

Visualise WAS traditional and IHS server logs in Kibana

For WebSphere Application Server traditional and IBM HTTP Server we are introducing a simple way to send logs and access logs to the same Bluemix log collection service we’re using for Liberty. Like the Liberty solution, the data from WAS and IHS servers can be visualized and manipulated in Kibana 4 dashboards, so you can search for problems and analyze your server traffic effectively.

Participate in the Alpha program on WAS traditional

The WAS traditional and IHS capabilities are part of a new alpha program. To get started, follow instructions in our hybrid connect community. Note that the data collector works with WAS 8.5.5.x and WAS 9.0.0.x servers.

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