We had planned to move part of the Liberty repository to a new server (see below). However, due to an issue discovered while testing the new server, we’re going to cancel the planned move and remain using the existing repository server.

We still plan to move the repository server once we have resolved this issue and will let you know via this blog when we’re ready to do so.

Whenever you install new features or samples into a Liberty runtime, those files are usually fetched from a repository. Although you can install from a file-based repository or set up a local repository server, by default the files are fetched from the IBM Liberty Repository.

The IBM Liberty Repository consists of two parts (neither of these services are easily accessible with a web browser):

  • The asset service, a REST service which stores metadata about the available files. This is hosted on asset-websphere.ibm.com
  • The file store, which serves the actual files. This is hosted on public.dhe.ibm.com

On 9th December, we’re planning to move the asset service to a new server hosted on IBM Bluemix.

For most users this should be a seamless transition. We will update the DNS entries for asset-websphere.ibm.com and the programs that query the service (including installUtility, featureManager, Websphere Development Tools for Eclipse, and Installation Manager) will start connecting to the new server.

However, if you needed to add outbound IP address firewall rules to allow access to the repository from within your network, you will need to additionally allow access to the new repository IP address [IP address removed].

2 comments on"Now cancelled: Liberty Repository server move"

  1. That is strange, I will check with the docker team. During the docker build, it will try to contact the IBM Liberty Repository to install the required features. This is the same repository used if you run “installUtility install ” on the command line and which backs the website at https://developer.ibm.com/wasdev/downloads/.

    There was a partial outage of public.dhe.ibm.com yesterday, which may have caused you get an error contacting the repository at that time, but it should all be working now.

  2. Cloudlearner December 14, 2016

    @anrouse I am using https://github.com/WASdev/ci.docker/tree/master/ga/developer this docker configuration to build my docker image. Looks like this repository is no more valid.Could you pls confirm does this valid.

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