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What’s new in this release?

Liberty Updates

Admin Center Java Batch tool

The new Java Batch tool in the Admin Center adds the capability of monitoring the progress and status of your Java™ batch jobs to Liberty.


If the batchManagement-1.0 feature is enabled on the server running the adminCenter-1.0 feature, administrators can:

  • View their Java Batch job instances and details about their jobs, executions, steps and partitions
  • Filter the set of job instances by Instance State, Instance ID, Last Update, JES Job Name, or JES Job ID
  • View and download job logs


New parameters were added to the Java Batch REST API to enable some of these search and sort capabilities, and they may be used independently of the Admin Center. These include filtering job instances by Last Update, sorting job instances by Last Update, and filtering by job parameter, including JES Job Name and JES Job ID.

Admin Center Explore tool

The Explore tool in Admin Center now provides the ability to invoke “start –clean” option on servers and clusters:


Admin Center Deploy tool

When deploying Liberty containers or Node.js containers/application packages, the Deploy tool will provide a searchable list of existing clusters in the collective:


Linking workspace applications directly into a Liberty Docker container

Update your running Liberty applications as you make changes in an IDE

You can now enable the option to run applications directly from the workspace. The option is available to you in the Liberty Server Editor and also in the New Server wizard, when you first create the Liberty/Docker Server. Instead of copying your application files to the Docker container, a volume is used to mount your Eclipse workspace to a folder in the Docker container.




Logstash and Bluemix log collector improvements

Continue to analyze your Liberty logs using Logstash or the Bluemix log service, while using binary logging. You can now forward message and trace events using the logstashCollector and bluemixLogCollector features with binary logging enabled as well as the regular logging.

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Migration Toolkit updates

As usual, the Migration Toolkit team are hot on the case of making it easy to move applications (and configurations) to Liberty from WebSphere Application Server and from other Java application servers, as well as between versions of WebSphere Application Server.
In particular, there are some new rules and bug fixes.

The tool now provides the ability to generate a Liberty feature list configuration file containing the required features for your application by using the --featureList action.

The Liberty feature list configuration file is generated and includes all of the application required features needed in a Liberty server based on scanning each application binary. Use this file to configure your Liberty server by copying the content to the Liberty server.xml file, or use the include element to include it in the server configuration.

The Application Inventory Report, which contains a high-level inventory of the content and structure of each application, now includes information about potential deployment problems. The tool detects the following issues:

  • Duplicate classes within the application
  • Java EE or SE classes that are packaged with the application
  • Open Source Software (OSS) classes that are packaged with the application
  • WebSphere classes that are packaged with the application
  • Unused archives that are packaged with the application
  • Dependent classes that are not packaged with the application

Also, there are some new rules and bug fixes.

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  1. Hi Billy,
    it is worth to mention that you have to install the batch management tool first, “./installUtility install batchmanagement-1.0”, then add “batchManagement-1.0” to the server.xml config. Furthermore you have to enable the user for batch management otherwise you will get an “The current user admin is not authorized to perform any batch operations.” error message.

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