Last month I applauded Oracle’s intention to contribute Java EE to an open foundation for ongoing development after Java EE 8. This is a commendable step for a platform whose component technologies are used in one form or another in most of the world’s cloud Java stacks. Over the last month Oracle has been working with IBM and Red Hat on some of the details of this planned contribution, posting a recent update that includes the choice of the Eclipse Foundation for the future development of Java EE. Eclipse is a familiar place for many of the current contributors to Java EE and is already home to the Eclipse MicroProfile project which IBM, Red Hat, and other members of the community created last year to provide microservice capabilities for enterprise Java. Having Java EE and MicroProfile as next-door neighbours at Eclipse will make it easy for these projects to car-pool and get to where they’re going together.

The IBM team is looking forward to participating in the new project at Eclipse. You can get an early look at the progress we’ve made in WebSphere Liberty on upcoming MicroProfile 1.2 and Java EE 8 features in the latest Liberty Beta. See you soon at JavaOne 2017.

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