Several times you’ve asked us “Is Liberty open source?”. Today, we announced the Open Liberty project, which contains the open source core of WebSphere Liberty. You can read about the new project in the blog post on

What does an open source Liberty mean for the future of WebSphere Liberty?

We’re really proud of Liberty so it’s great that we can release the Open Liberty project and start to develop Liberty in the open. WebSphere Liberty will be built from the Open Liberty source code so that an application you develop on Open Liberty will run, unchanged, on WebSphere Liberty.

As developers, you can download Open Liberty and develop full Java EE and MicroProfile applications or microservices on Open Liberty. If you prefer to debug problems in your application by looking directly at the app server source code, now you can. When you come to run your application, you can deploy it on Open Liberty servers for free but, if you want the backing of IBM and its support if something goes wrong, you can upgrade to WebSphere Liberty.

How to contribute

It has taken a lot of work and sleepless nights to open source Liberty (and the Open Liberty Tools), to get to the point where we can announce the Open Liberty project. We’re still learning as we go what it means to coordinate a large open source project like this, and we’re changing our development culture to make it work. With the support of a lot of experienced open source developers in IBM and in the wider community, we’re looking forward to the challenge. We’d love for you to be part of it, in whatever way you can:

7 comments on"Is Liberty open source? Yes!"

  1. Congratulations and good to hear that.

    A little question, when might be the support for Java EE 8 with Java 9 support be released ?


  2. Christian Jürgens September 20, 2017

    the commerical version of Websphere Liberty has 3 different (core, base, ND) versions.
    Which of these versions is comparable to OpenLiberty?
    Best regards

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