The end of Java 6 support is coming!

Oracle has announced Extended Support for Java 6 will end December 2018. What does this mean for your WebSphere installation?


On April 30, 2018, WAS 8.5.x will no longer support Java 6 as its runtime. WAS will be the last fix pack to support Java 6 and, starting with WAS, the embedded Java 6 will be removed and replaced with Java 8.

Details of Java 6 end of support

WAS v8.5 supports pluggable JDK which means you can use WAS v8.5 with Java 6, 7, or 8. With the Java 6 end of support (EoS) coming, IBM strongly encourages customers to move to Java 7 or 8. Migration to a newer version of Java will help customers move away from aging crypto technologies and avoid the risks of non-addressed future security exposures. Also, with the pluggable JDK support of WAS v8.5, switching JDKs is fairly easy.

For customers on WAS 8.5.x, IBM announced that Java 6 will no longer be a supported WebSphere runtime after April 30, 2018. WAS, currently scheduled for February 2018, will be the last fix pack to support Java 6 3. Starting in WAS, the embedded installation of Java 6 will be removed and replaced with Java 8. If you wish to remove Java 6 before, you will need to perform a new installation of WebSphere. Otherwise, Java 6 will be removed with an in-place upgrade with fix pack

After April 30, 2018, fixes to the Java 6 runtime will be limited. Customers will be able to get security fixes via Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) for Java 6 until December 2018. Only CPU fixes will be available after April 30, 2018.

For Liberty users: Liberty ceased support of Java 6 in version To use the latest version of Liberty you must upgrade to Java 7 or Java 8.

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  1. And what happend if i have

    • alasdair@rtp November 13, 2017

      WebSphere Application Server v8 reaches end of support 30th April 2018. You should be planning a migration to WAS 8.5.5, or 9.0.0 at this time.

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