Java EE is in the process of moving to the Eclipse Foundation for its ongoing evolution in the EE4J project. EE4J will establish itself with baseline Java EE 8 compliance and provide an open source base for both the implementation and the compliance tests – giving it broader community participation and certification. I also expect this to dramatically reduce the time it takes for new technologies, like those being developed for cloud native applications in Eclipse MicroProfile, to become part of the EEnext platform. working group

This week Mike Milinkovich announced the formation of the working group which, as part of this work, will own the strategy and direction of, including a new specification process. As Mike says, the new working group will take on much of the responsibilities the JCP currently has for Java EE but under the auspices of the open Eclipse Foundation.

For anyone wanting to influence the future of enterprise Java platform, this working group is the place to do it – come and join us.

Ian Robinson

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