WebSphere Liberty is now available to download with a full implementation of MicroProfile 1.3. This includes distributed tracing of microservices, a standardised way to describe your RESTful applications using OpenAPI, a type-safe approach for invoking RESTful services over HTTP, metrics for your microservices, and external configuration of your microservices. Built on Open Liberty, this release of WebSphere Liberty also includes updates to endpoint control with MBeans, thread pool controller performance improvements, and JSON format logging.

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What’s new in WebSphere Liberty

Everything in Open Liberty is available in WebSphere Liberty

  • MicroProfile 1.3:
    • Distributed tracing with MicroProfile OpenTracing 1.0
    • Standardised way of describing your apps with MicroProfile OpenAPI 1.0
    • Type-safe way to call RESTful services over HTTP with MicroProfile Rest Client 1.0
    • Metrics for your microservices with MicroProfile Metrics 1.1
    • External configuration of your microservices with MicroProfile Config 1.2
  • Also:
    • Endpoint control with MBeans
    • Threadpool controller performance improvements
    • JSON format logging

Take a look at the Open Liberty release blog post for more information.

Request for enhancements (RFEs) in WebSphere Liberty

In this release, the following RFEs were completed:

Batch group security support

This allows jobs to be assigned to groups such that users within a group can view and/or operate on a set of jobs. This allows a more fine-grained approach to batch security than the previous alternative which required each of these users to be granted the ability to view and/or operate on all jobs (the batchAdmin role) in order to view and/or operate on anyone else’s jobs. See the WebSphere Liberty Knowledge Center docs.

Migration Toolkit updates

With Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries you can now quickly evaluate your JBoss application binaries and identify how easy it is to migrate them to IBM WebSphere Liberty or IBM WebSphere Application Server traditional. After a quick evaluation with the binary scanner, you can use the Eclipse-based migration tool for source-level evaluation and code updates where a quick fix is available.

What is the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries?

Download Liberty Ask a question on Stack Overflow

Built on Open Liberty

We’d love you to get involved in any way that you can, such as testing the code in ways that you use Liberty and raising issues on GitHub, or create pull requests on the code and documentation. You can contribute to discussions about Open Liberty on the mailing list.

Updated 2018:03:29: Added link to RFE 54747.

2 comments on"Get a full, supported implementation of MicroProfile 1.3 for your microservices in WebSphere Liberty"

  1. Michele Buccarello March 29, 2018

    Is microclimate an enterprise implementation of microprofile?

    • Graham Charters April 11, 2018

      Hi Michele, no, Microclimate is an end-to-end development environment for creating cloud-native applications/microservices using a variety of languages. You can find out more here: https://microclimate-dev2ops.github.io/about .

      MicroProfile is a set of technologies specified at Eclipse that aid in the creation and management/monitoring of cloud-native applications in Java. You can get an Enterprise implementation of MicroProfile from Open Liberty and WebSphere Liberty. You can use Microclimate to develop cloud-native applications whose implementations use the MicroProfile technologies and deploy them to OpenLiberty/WebSphere Liberty.

      I hope that helps.

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