Adam is WebSphere Liberty developer based in the UK Hursley Lab working in the Microservices team. His current focus is on developing best practices and patterns for WebSphere Liberty in microservice architectures. He is also an IBM Master Inventor. Prior to joining IBM he worked in the UK financial services sector.

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Want a cloud native Java microservice? Read on…

Get started with the new IBM Cloud Web and Mobile Starters.

Game On! at JavaOne 2016

Game On! is a retro text adventure that neatly illustrates microservices concepts. The microservices gang from WebSphere Liberty were at JavaOne 2016 to show it...

Cars, Pi cameras and ASCII art: Microservices with Liberty and Game On!

A fun demonstration of how to build microservices with Liberty using throw-back text adventure game Game On! and a remote-controlled car that takes photos.

When do you evolve to microservices?

The key to this decision is whether or not your existing monolithic application is causing you problems. There are a number of well-recognised benefits to...

Evolving Java EE applications to microservices: Costs and surprises

Adam discusses the costs of evolving a monolithic application to microservices in the cloud.

An evolved Plants by WebSphere Image service – “Making the break”

Looking at the technology choices involved in using the new Liberty Starter to build a microservice from scratch to evolve a monolithic app to microservices

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