Arthur De Magalhaes


Arthur is a senior software engineer and API / cloud architect for the WebSphere Application Server organization, as well as an IBM Master Inventor. He focuses on cloud and API related initiatives, improving the connectivity and exposure of microservices.

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Deploy Java OpenAPI microservices in containers using Liberty, Kubernetes, and IBM Cloud

Learn how to deploy Java Open API microservices on WebSphere Liberty in Docker containers running on various flavors of Kubernetes.

Design and deploy OpenAPI microservices with SwaggerHub and IBM Cloud

Design an OpenAPI document in SwaggerHub, then quickly add an integration layer with GitHub which generates the necessary JAX-RS 2.0 code and triggers a DevOps...

New enhancements to Liberty’s OpenAPI support

Since late 2015, WebSphere Liberty's API discovery has been adopted by many customers as a framework for exposing REST APIs. Now added: the ability to...

Accessing Liberty’s JMX REST APIs

Liberty has always exposed a JMX REST connector Java client to be used remotely. The REST APIs used by that Java client were made public...

Deploying Swagger-enabled endpoints with WebSphere Liberty, IBM Cloud, and API Connect

This blog is a follow-up to our WebSphere Liberty API discovery introduction and takes you on the journey of adding Swagger support to your...

Exposing WebSphere Liberty REST APIs with Swagger

Liberty supports the creation and deployment of REST APIs in a variety of forms (JAX-RS, Java EE servlet, OSGi web apps, REST Handler, etc) but,...

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