Arthur De Magalhaes


Arthur is a senior software engineer and API / cloud architect for the WebSphere Application Server organization, as well as an IBM Master Inventor. He focuses on cloud and API related initiatives, improving the connectivity and exposure of microservices.

Posts from this devCenter

Introduction to using RxJava with WebSphere Liberty

This article demonstrates how to use some of the features from the RxJava library with WebSphere Liberty, while taking advantage of Java EE 7 Concurrent...

Using File Service and File Transfer MBeans with Liberty

WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Liberty Profile introduces 2 new MBeans, FileServiceMXBean and FileTransferMBean, that are available under the restConnector-1.0 feature. Take a look at some...

Creating remote JMX connections in Liberty

WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile provides a new type of remote JMX connector: the REST connector. It supports all operations from the MBeanServerConnection interface, and...