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The binary scanner…not just for migrations anymore!

With the latest release of the binary scanner, two new enhancements are available that can help application developers and administrators outside the scope of a...

What is the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries?

Quickly evaluate your application binaries for rapid deployment on Liberty or newer versions of WebSphere traditional. The tool identifies the Java EE programming models in...

Learn about WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit

The WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit is a collection of tools that help you migrate to WebSphere Application Server V7 through V8.5.5, from previous versions...

Announcing: WebSphere Liberty migration tools updates

Updates for the tools that analyse your WebSphere full profile applications (source code or binaries) to help prepare to move them on to WebSphere Liberty.

Announcing: Migration toolkit for WebSphere and Liberty V8.5.5

WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit Version 8.5.5 is here. Move your apps from other servers like Apache Tomcat or JBoss, or from older versions of...

Announcing the new Tomcat Config Migration Tech Preview!

The WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit team is pleased to announce the availability of the Tomcat Config Migration Tech Preview. This migration tool assists in moving...

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